Multitask your morning.

You’re limited on time, so finding ways to take care of multiple things at once is essential. I do this by reading emails and getting a little morning fitness in, but when it comes to beauty, it’s good to think ahead. Always keep a cool eye mask in your fridge or have depuffing pads close by so you can multitask– you’ll get rid of under eye bags while brushing your teeth or doing your hair. Also, have an all-purpose cleanser for these specific mornings where you can’t spend much time on your full skin care regimen but still want to cleanse, tone and hydrate.

Apply the basics.

You really only need enough coverage to get out the door without looking like a complete zombie. So reach for your foundation or bb cream, mascara and lip gloss. These three items will even out your skin tone, widen your eyes, and give your lips a blast of moisture and sheen. You can make it through the day with this coverage alone, but if you like a bit more color, then the next tip is for you.

Keep a beauty essential bag in your purse.

This should be similar to your travel bag musts, but include your favorite shades – I’m talking eyeliner, lipstick, blush, concealer and shadow. If you don’t want to carry them around constantly, set aside a little bag of necessities close to your door that you can pick up and toss in your purse when you’re running late. That way, while in the car (passenger seat only, ladies) or once at your destination, you can apply more color to further brighten and polish your look. 


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