3 Mistakes You're Probably Making in Your Journey to Be Healthier

Losing weight seems like something that should be simple. Eat less, exercise more and the weight will go away. 
Are you making these five weight-loss mistakes?

1. You're Not Eating Enough Food
If you eat too little, your body switches to its "preservation" mode, meaning it will try to conserve energy as much as possible. Your metabolism will tank, your lean mass will drop, and your body fat will stay the same (or even increase!).

2. You're Eating Too Much Food
Many diets recommend counting calories each day, but research has shown that food labels are off by 20 percent or more! Even if you meticulously count every so-called calorie you eat, you could still be drastically overeating (or under-eating).
Similarly, fitness trackers burst onto the scene, and have been hailed as the easiest way to track your calories in, and calories out. But, just like food labels, these trackers are wildly inaccurate. Yes, the can motivate you to move more, but you can't rely on them to tell you how many calories you have burned, or how many you should eat in a day.

3. You're Over-Exercising

Exercise is a physical stress that, while usually positive, can compound with all the other stresses you face in life. If you have work stress, relationship stress, financial stress, environmental stress (e.g. chemicals, low-quality food, etc.), then it's quite likely that your body can't handle any more.
Adding intense exercise (or too much of it) can put your body into a state of adrenal fatigue, which almost completely prevents your body from shedding fat, no matter how much exercise you add to your routine.

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