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Art for nails. Which one do you like?


Multitask your morning.

You’re limited on time, so finding ways to take care of multiple things at once is essential. I do this by reading emails and getting a little morning fitness in, but when it comes to beauty, it’s good to think ahead. Always keep a cool eye mask in your fridge or have depuffing pads close by so you can multitask– you’ll get rid of under eye bags while brushing your teeth or doing your hair. Also, have an all-purpose cleanser for these specific mornings where you can’t spend much time on your full skin care regimen but still want to cleanse, tone and hydrate.

3 Mistakes You're Probably Making in Your Journey to Be Healthier

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Men's fashion week

Street style is always one of our favorite parts of any Fashion Week. And the men attending Milan Men’s Fashion Week are making sure that love stays strong. Italian dudes, well, just know how to dress apparently. 

Body art

Model tattoos on some of the most famous faces in fashion :)